Discover Moso bamboo products

MOSO International was founded in 1997. MOSO® evolved to be the European market leader in bamboo products for interior and exterior applications, thanks to our focus on quality, innovation and sustainability. The MOSO® products can be divided into four product groups:

  • Bamboo Flooring

    Eleven different flooring types available in multiple variations in size, colour and style.

  • Bamboo Outdoor

    unique heat treatment technology provides bamboo material with great hardness and highest durability for outdoor applications such as decking cladding and furniture.

  • Bamboo Beams, Panels & Veneer

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  • MOSO® Unlimited Solutions

    Unique customised bamboo solutions meeting exceptionally stringent requirements for industrial clients. Besides the broad assortment of flooring, panels & veneer and outdoor products, MOSO® is able to develop unique customised bamboo solutions for industrial clients that meet exceptionally high demands.

Moso bamboo produqcts meet the highest standards in safety and durability.

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